SINCE 1882
"The Greatest Little Agricultural Fair in Ontario."

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IMPORTANT: All Exhibits Must Be In Place by 9:00 PM Friday Evening, Except Articles of Perishable Nature which may be set up Saturday morning by No Later Than 9:00 AM. Please Note - Judging in the Hall will begin at 9:00 AM Sharp.

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1. An annual subscription of $5.00 or upwards shall constitute the subscriber a member of the Society.

2. None but members who have paid their subscription will be allowed to compete for prizes.

3. All entries should be made on printed forms, which can be obtained from the Prize List. These forms to be filled in and signed by exhibitor and sent to the Secretary who will have entry tickets ready for exhibitor on arrival. (No entry tickets will be mailed.)

4. Entries should be made in the order mentioned in the Prize List.

5. Entries must be sent to the Secretary before Friday, August 26th or e-mail to

6. Any exhibitor moving his goods from the hall or grounds before 5:00 p.m. on the day of the Fair will forfeit his prize money.

7. Stock and all articles must be entered in the name of the bona fide owner; and unless this rule is observed, no premium will be awarded.

8. Any article or animal can compete for a single premium unless a special premium is offered, and no premium will be paid on animals or articles of inferior merit although there be no competition. This rule not to apply to "Herds" in cattle and "Pens" in sheep.

9. Any person who shall knowingly violate the rules of the Society or who shall seek to obtain a premium by false pretenses or by improper interferences with Judges, shall forfeit any prize that may have been awarded him.

10. In classes of purebred stock, the name and number of each animal must accompany the entry, and in the case of dispute, the certificate of registration must be furnished. No animal will be allowed to compete as purebred unless they possess regular pedigree.

11. All bulls to be exhibited must be properly secured and otherwise under the care of an attendant.

12. All exhibits not having entry tickets will be ignored by judges.

13. Fruit, Grain and Vegetables must have been raised by exhibitor during the present year.

14. No person shall be allowed to enter for exhibition more than one specimen in any section of a class. (This rule does not apply to animals.)

15. Animals shown as grades in Cattle classes must be the progeny of purebred sire.

16. As the object of the society in giving prizes for livestock is to promote improvement in the breeding stock, the Judges, in making their awards, will be instructed not to take into consideration the present value to the butcher of the animal, but to decide according to their relative merits for the purpose of breeding.

17. While the Directors will take precautions under the circumstances to ensure the safety of the articles sent to the exhibition, owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting them and should any articles be accidentally injured, lost or stolen, the Directors will give all assistance in their power towards the recovery of the same, but will not make any payment on the value thereof.

18. Should the funds of the Society be insufficient to pay the full amount of the prize awards, a certain percent will be deducted.

19. Judges will have the power of withholding the premium when they consider the animal or article undeserving of one.

20. No horses or vehicle will be allowed to remain within the ring or on the track, except those being exhibited.

21. Exhibitors should apply for space for exhibition to Director in charge.

22. No prize money will be paid on exhibits not having proper entry ticket.

23. Prizes not called for by the 15th of December, will be placed to the credit of the Society.

24. The Directors will avail themselves of the powers vested in them by section 116 of the Agricultural Act respecting Gambling, etc.

25. The MAS reserves the option to replace ANY prize money stated with a prize of roughly equivalent value.

26. The Maberly Agricultural Society does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for accidents which might occur during the Fair.

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